Control Panel

Control Panel
A custom control panel is a purpose-built solution — individually engineered and made-to-order. Maybe
it’s a unique one-off. Or maybe it’s the solution to a complex controls challenge where no two
installations can be exactly alike.
The solutions we deliver provide you with the capabilities to embrace new challenges and grow your
Your Success. We commit to your success above all else. For each project, we establish an internal team
that meets throughout the life of your project to ensure we meet your requirements and expectations.
This close collaboration enables our engineering staff to become an extension of your organization.

Added Value. Our company provides you with added value to every stage of your project. We partner
with you in the design, build, test and certification of your control panels and system. We’re in it
together for the long haul.

Expertise. Our manufacturing process has been continuously improved and refined since building our
first control panel. But we don’t rest on our laurels…our experts keep a finger on the pulse of the
newest technologies and regulations.

Quality. The quality procedures, processes and personnel at Our Company are unlike that of any
company in the industry. It’s the cornerstone of our culture and we have the metrics to back it up.

We are offering all kind of panels like:

    • Auto Transfer Switch ATS

    • Automated Control Panels

    • Pump Control Panels

    • Distributed Control Panels

    • Power Factor Panels

Process Automation

For 10 years we were improving our experiences in programming dozens of PLCs Applications, and dealing with all brands, even more handling all size of projects starting from smart Relays to Highly performance recent PLCs, DDC, etc.

Adding to each project a friendly user interface to control by HMI:

Industrial Networking

Industrial Networking includes integrating factory floor industrial networks and process plant floor networks with company enterprise networks. Wireless networks are attractive in applications where the cost of running signal cable and wiring, power cabling, or both is unattractive.


A SCADA system is part of an architecture that includes:

      • One or more computers, connected to each other, that perform the supervisory functions and implement the human-machine interface (HMI)

      • A series of peripheral devices (RTUs, i/o Modules, PLCs) that interface to the process (machinery, plant, etc.) through sensors and actuators

      • A communication network, with a variety of transmission media and communication protocols, able to ensure the correct exchange of data between peripheral devices and supervisory computers

A SCADA software is an integrated development environment, which provides all the tools necessary to create SCADA applications, designed to run on supervisory computers and perform the functions that are typical of a SCADA system: supervision, control and data acquisition.

Tanks management

you’ll have confidence in inventory and safety controls regardless of the product or the environment. The result is greater visibility to what’s happening in and between tanks, and the peace of mind enhanced product quality and safety will give you and your customers. Get complete visibility into your tanks, operate flexibly, and mitigate incidents for improved customer satisfaction.

Power Management


    1. Protection systems
    2. Wide area control systems
    3. Diagnostic and engineering tools
    4. Visualization and data archiving systems
    5. Giving status Reports
    6. Historical data.

Building Information Solution

The idea came as a solution to stop the work of devices in cases of non-use and save it, in addition to remote control as it is considered a building management system independent computer system (standalone) and may be part of a distributed system and linked through computer networks, and can calculate the pre-set requirements to control variables Services included in the building and linked to each of these services.


Solar Water Pumping Systems are used Pumping water projects to reduce the cost of energy consumed in the process of pumping, whether through diesel generators or through the grid.


The system includes solar modules and a special Variable Frequency Drive that supplies power from the sun directly to the pump throughout the day.


The VFD will adjust the frequency of the pump depending on solar radiation


TASCO Solar Water Pumps deliver water to people, livestock and crops using the power of the sun.

Simply Sun Water Life


As a company dedicated to solar water pumping, all of our

products are designed to be highly reliable and very


TASCO – The Solar Water Pumping

Grid-Tied PV Low Voltage

Generate Power during the day and use it at night, ON-Grid PV system allows you to use the grid as a storage to your power

Grid-Tied Medium Voltage:

Generate Power during the day and use it at night, ON-Grid PV system allows you to use the
grid as a storage to your power

Fuel-Save PV System Running with

The system runs in sync with the grid & the generator

SOLAR street-light

Light your street at night from your daylight